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Wildside Press is an independent publishing company located in Maryland, USA. It was founded in 1989 by John Gregory and Kim Betancourt. While the press was originally conceived as a publisher of speculative fiction in both trade and limited editions, it has broadened out somewhat since then, both in content and format. It now publishes mysteries and nonfiction, as well as eBooks and magazines. It has also published a role-playing game called the Wildside Gaming System by Swordsmith Productions.

The company has published work by a number of contemporary writers, including Paul Di Filippo, Alan Dean Foster, Esther Friesner, Paul Levinson, Nick Mamatas, Vera Nazarian, Brian McNaughton, Paul Park, Tim Pratt, Stephen Mark Rainey, Alan Rodgers, Darrell Schweitzer, Lawrence Watt-Evans, and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.

In addition to newer writers, the company works at keeping of older authors in print, such as James Branch Cabell, H. Rider Haggard, and Clark Ashton Smith, as well as lesser known scribes like R. A. Lafferty. The publisher also has a specialty reprint project going, reproducing old issues of such pulp magazines as The Phantom Detective, Secret Agent X, and The Spider.



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