Tri Tac Games is a publisher of role-playing games based in Pontiac, Michigan. The company is built primarily on the work of Richard Tucholka, its founder and president.

Company History Edit

Tri Tac Games was founded in 1978 as "Tacky Tack Games". Tri Tac is one of several small companies that rode the wave of interest in RPGs beginning in the 1970s with TSR's Dungeons & Dragons.

The company's first product was the humorous microgame Geriatric Wars. Shortly thereafter followed Fringeworthy, the first interdimensional travel-based RPG, Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic, a late 20th Century Horror RPG, and FTL:2448, a space RPG, all Tucholka creations. The company name was changed to "Tri Tac Games" to reflect what the company saw as the more serious nature of its new products.

Currently the company sells a number of series of games, as well as books, including a book of cartoons, and a cookbook called Damn Strange Recipe Collection.

In 1994 the Tri Tac offices were raided by the FBI, because of alleged similarities between promotional ID badges distributed by Tri Tac personnel at a conference and certain official U.S. government ID badges. After the raid the federal prosecutor assigned to the case elected not to press charges. A year later the FBI showed up at the Tri Tac booth at Gencon 95 to make sure Tri Tac was in compliance. Tri Tac was no longer selling the badges but they did display one of the badges that got them in trouble. It was taped beneath a newspaper report about the raid. The FBI determined Tri Tac presented no threat to national security and left without comment.Template:Fact

Current Games (not all have work currently in progress) Edit

Bureau 13
  • Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic
  • Bureau 13 Adventures: Hellsnight, Haunts, The Lost Files, Vols 1 & 2
  • Bureau 13: Black Powder 1859-1889
  • Bureau 13: Scenes for Horror, Industry and Adventure

  • Bureau 13: Special Edition by Pollotta & Tucholka
  • Bureau 13: HEARTS
  • Bureau 13: EXTREME
Hardwired Hinterland
  • Fringeworthy
  • Rogue 417
  • Invasion US
  • Catalogue of Alternative Worlds

  • Catalogue of Alternative Worlds II

Space RPGs

  • Cosmic Wow!
  • Baby Boomer
  • Geriatric Wars
  • Escape from Westerville State
  • Drive By
  • War on High
  • Viral Vegetable Wars
  • The Hunt for Bread in October
Duck Wars
  • Duck Trooper
  • Polywumpus
  • Pterroductyl
Clay squash classics
  • Monster Squash
  • Mec Squash
  • Bug Squash
  • Mutant Squash
  • Japanese Monster Squash
  • Panzer Squash
  • People Squash
  • Beach Bunny Bimbos with Blasters
  • Guests: An Invasion of the Earth Supplement
  • Holes: Wild Miniatures Combat
  • DM's Book of Nasty Tricks & Misfit Magic

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