Pacesetter Ltd was a game company based in Delavan, Wisconsin, founded in 1984. Company founders included Mark Acres, Troy Denning, and Stephen Sullivan. Pacesetter produced both tabletop role-playing games and board games.

Chill: Adventures into the Unknown is one of Pacesetter's most notable publications[1][2], having been subsequently republished (in updated form) by Mayfair Games after Pacesetter's demise, and is currently being updated again by OtherWorld Creations, Inc. under the name Chill: Into the Unknown.[3]

File:Chill RPG.jpg

Pacesetter products include:

Role-playing games
Board games
  • Chill: Black Morn Manor (1985)
  • Wabbit Wampage (1985)
  • Wabbit Wevenge (1986)


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