Template:NotabilityKen Lightener is a game designer with experience in multiple fields. His primary area of expertise is in Computer Games. Among his more notable successes are with Holistic Design include Battles of Destiny, Hammer of the Gods, Final Liberation, Machiavelli the Prince, Merchant Prince II, Emperor of the Fading Suns, and Mall Tycoon. He also worked heavily on a computer game called Noble Armada that never materialized.

He was the line developer for their their Real-Life Roleplaying series covering d20 Afghanistan, d20 Columbia, d20 Somalia and the d20 FBI. He also contributed heavily towards the flagship rpg product Holistic Design produced Fadings Suns, being the principle author of the military supplement Legions of the Empire. He also worked in conjunction with Chris Weise to design the miniature based game Carnage and Noble Armada (upon which the aforementioned Computer Game was based).

He is currently working for Blue Heat Games which specializes in cell phone games. Some of his credits with them include MLB Baseball 2004, NHL Hockey and Sega Snowboarding. He has also had a short story published in an anthology produced by Eden Studios, Inc.

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