Template:Infobox Company Ironwood Omnimedia Company (IOC) is a multimedia company whose stated mission is to "connect artists with diverse audiences through innovative, creative and broad avenues." Their first major project involves creating and publishing role-playing games for the E-RPG System, a generic role-playing game system designed by one of its founders. It was founded in 2006 by Willie Santana & Ruel Knudson.


After 8 years of developing the Saga Series Ruel Knudson enlisted the help of former soldier and old friend Willie Santana. During an interview with RPGBlog Mr. Santana said; “I had only minimal participation in the design of the core rules, as I was away in the military much of the time when the game was developed.” That leads to the conclusion that IOC’s creation, as a multimedia company instead of a gaming company is Mr. Santana’s doing.

IOC’s free release of the core E-RPG System Fantasy Rules (the Fantasy Sagas and the Game Master Lodestar) was met with resounding support by the role-playing community receiving a combined 1000 downloads in its first week.

At a glimpse at IOC’s official website one can see a virtual library of upcoming products.

*It should be noted that, according to reports, IOC's Fantasy, Modern, and Sci-Fi Sagas are unique in the feature that they are interchangeable. Once all three genres are released, it should be seemless for a GM using the GameMaster Lodestar to incorporate features from any or all three of the other Genre Sagas.




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