Group SNE is a Japanese company founded in 1986 by the current president Hitoshi Yasuda, which produces role-playing games, light novels, board games and card games. Ryo Mizuno was one of the founding members. Group SNE is named after Syntax Error, the programming language BASIC's term. The most famous product of Group SNE is Record of Lodoss War well-known for a fantasy anime adaptation. Moreover, there are several anime adaptations based upon Group SNE's products such as Legend of Crystania, Mon Colle Knights and Rune Soldier.

Group SNE's products are published by several publishers including Fujimi Shobo, Shinkigensha, JIVE, Enterbrain and Hobby Base.


Group SNE's products include:

  • GURPS Japanese products
    • GURPS Busin kourin - martial arts
    • GURPS Cocoon - comical fantasy
    • GURPS Damned Stalker (Gurps Youma Yakou/Hyakki Yasyou)
    • GURPS Dragon Merc - crossover of multi-planes
    • GURPS Power up
    • GURPS RebornRebirth
    • GURPS Runal/Yuel

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