Drizz is back and I will be larping in San Francisco really soon. By the way I am white so stick that in the books R.A.. lol this is probably your site anyway just waiting for me to find it. Lets see to prove it is me my two scims are actually named Frostbiter and Midnight. I can't wait to read the new novels (stupid red line underling how the f do you spell underline?). Um where oh yeah im at 30th ave cross street is irving 1300 house. Im in a program called fresh start so look it up and give me a call or just stop by and visit I know you don't get out much. Um thats it Real Adventurer.

Stupid Kubuntu can't even find my swords to buy online.


P.S. Steven Aaron Davis

Your always real naming me lol. Yes I saved it to ya know I bookmarked it. It was a ten year fight with Loki and brandon but the gang and I pulled through. Ok gonna look at more toys at Best Buy now Later brother.