Cumberland Games & Diversions is an electronic publishing company specializing in roleplaying games and TrueType fonts designed for those who play them. Company founder S. John Ross is the company's sole operator, assisted by his wife, Sandra Ross, and by freelance creators including friend and artist Dan Smith.

Cumberland offers several commercial titles in multiple lines, including more than a dozen fonts called Sparks which produce simple paper models to be used as gaming miniatures. Other commercial lines include the All-Systems Library of rules-free resource books, and a new line of commercial support for the free game Risus: The Anything RPG. S. John founded Cumberland by offering the HexPaper mapping font for sale in April of 1999, and HexPaper remains the company's most popular title.

Cumberland is probably even more well-known for its free offerings, including not only Risus but also the Pokéthulhu Adventure Game, along with several dozen free fonts and the PDF adaptation of S. John's Big List of RPG Plots.

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