Columbia Games is a maker of board and role-playing games including Hârn and the "block" series (Wizard Kings and various wargames). The company is based in Blaine, Washington; it is run by founder Tom Dalgliesh and his son Grant.

Columbia's most well-known games are block wargames. Many of these games are suitable to introducing new players to the hobby, but there are also some very detailed games that have been produced, such as MasterFront, a monster wargame depicting the entire war in Europe, complete with various what-if situations.

In the late 1990s, the company began producing collectible card games based upon military themes for the American Civil War (such as Dixie and Napoleonic Wars).

Columbia is one of the hobby's oldest wargame companies. Tom Dalgliesh, Lance Gutteridge, and Steve Brewster founded Gamma Two Games in Vancouver, BC in the early 1970s, and published their first game in 1972. Brewster left the company soon after its formation. Gamma Two Games became Columbia Games in 1982. In the mid 1980s, Gutteridge left the company, leaving Dalgliesh as its sole owner, although the two still associate frequently and Gutteridge still makes some contributions. Columbia Games moved from Vancouver, BC to Washington State in 1994 for a variety of personal and economic reasons.

Columbia also publishes Hârn a high-realism/low-magic fantasy world for use in role-playing games and for collaborative fiction. The Hârn product line is compatible with Hârn products produced by N. Robin Crossby and additionally supported by a large body of additional material produced by strong and dedicated community of fans.

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