Chris Wiese first arrived into the gaming industry as the marketing director and acting CEO of Holistic Design. He is one of the current partners in the company. He has made significant contributions to a number of their products, most particularly in the design of deck plans such as the Letters of Marque starship line, along with Space Station Cirrus. He is the co-designer (with Ken Lightner) of Noble Armada, a miniatures game based on the flagship Holistic RPG Fading Suns. He also was the primary developer for their other miniatures lines including Carnage and Fantasy Encounters.

He has also worked heavily with the minitiure company Metal Express LLC.

Chris gained a reputation in the gaming industry as an expert in marketing and sales. He had a vision of making GAMA an industry wide supporting organization. Under his tenure as Vice President of GAMA, he more than doubled the income of the Origins Game Fair. With the retirement of the previous president, he was elected President by a wide majority with a clear mandate for change. However, considerable controversy over the wording over reforms to the GAMA charter, in part due to an effort lead by Ryan Dancy, led to a complete changeover of personnel the following year.

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