Template:Cleanup Template:Unreferenced Cheapass Games is a game company founded and run by game designer James Ernest.

Cheapass Games operates on the philosophy that most game owners have plenty of dice, counters, play money, etc., so there is no need to bundle all of these components with every game that requires them. Cheapass Games thus come packaged in white envelopes, small boxes, or plastic resealable bags with the absolute minimum components necessary to play the game - a typical Cheapass board game may include a rules sheet, a playing board printed on card stock, and game cards banded by magazine-cutout "sleeves". This allows the company to produce games for prices well below the market average. Recently, Cheapass has started offering some higher-quality, full color games under the "James Ernest Games" brand.

Cheapass Games and James Ernest have won several awards for game design including the 2002 Origins Award for best play-by-mail game (Button Men Web Game), the 2002 Origins Vanguard Award (Diceland), the 1997 Origins Award for best abstract board game (Kill Doctor Lucky), the 1997 Origins Award for best traditional card game (Give Me the Brain). Cheapass' game Pennywise was awarded the parodic 2003 "Spud des Jahres" award for most overpriced game by the website Spielboy (see Spiel des Jahres).

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Several of the older games are out of print but are offered for free by Cheapass as what they term "orderware": the cards, rules, or other game materials may be downloaded for free, and Cheapass requests that if the recipient likes the game he order ten dollars worth of other game materials from the company.

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