Brittannia Game Designs Ltd. ("BGD") is the United Kingdom company that published the fourth edition of the role-playing game Chivalry and Sorcery.

Based in Dudley, England, BGD was founded by Steve A Turner, originally to produce supplements for the third edition of the game, at that time published by Highlander Games. BGD later acquired the full rights to it, enabling it to produce a three-volume fourth edition, named "Chivalry & Sorcery: The Rebirth" (2000). BGD went on to produce a few supplements for this new edition, as well as the simplified system Chivalry & Sorcery Light, before ceasing publications on paper less than two years later in 2001. After that, BGD produce a CD-ROM release of a classic second-edition supplement (Bireme & Galley) and a few free PDFs for the even more simplified Chivalry & Sorcery Essence system, before effectively ceasing all new publications in 2004.

Steve A Turner also organised the annual Dudley Bug Ball role-playing convention in Dudley.

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