Black Dog Game Factory was a label used by White Wolf, Inc. for the publication of a number of books in their original World of Darkness RPG line. Books published by Black Dog had adult or mature themes, though it should be noted that not all Black Dog-published books dealt with sexual material. Some are labeled as adult because they deal with themes of strong violence or evil (such as Hunter Book: Wayward), religious themes (Cainite Heresy), or controversial subject matter (the Holocaust-based Charnel Houses of Europe: The Shoah).

Books published by Black Dog include:

Black Dog also printed Hol: Human Occupied Landfill and its lone supplement Buttery Wholesomeness. HoL itself was designed by Dirt Merchant Games. The imprint also published Eternal Hearts, an erotica novel set in the universe of Vampire: The Masquerade. A book for Aberrant, titled Cults of Personality, was planned for release, but the game line was cancelled before the book made it to print.

Additionally, Black Dog Game Factory is the name of a company that appears in various World of Darkness supplements as a gaming company owned by Pentex. It publishes many games that are parodies of White Wolf's own lines, such as Revenant: The Ravishing (a parody of Vampire), Deviant (a parody of Aberrant), and so on.

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