AEvolutions represents a line of books and accessories by Blue Devil Games for the Arcana Evolved role-playing game by Monte Cook. The line includes "Akashic Nodes: Home of Memory", "Dark Houses", "Faces of Serran", "Tell It To My Axe", and the game "Witch Stones". Beyond being one of the few independent groups to support Arcana Evolved, the AEvolutions line has received note within role-playing reviews for a commitment to blending multi-author projects via a conglomeration of writers known as The Keepers of the Oath, including writers such as company founder Justin D. Jacobson and regular contributors Bill Collins, Phillippe Daigneault, Jay Imhoff, Derek Kupper, and Michael Trice. In 2007, Blue Devil Games sold the product line and all associated rights to Fiery Dragon Productions.

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