Template:Notability 9th Level Games (9LG) began as a small-press publisher and designer of humorous role-playing games (RPGs). The company was founded by Dan Landis and Chris O'Neill and is based in Pennsylvania where they both live and work. 9th Level Games is known for Kobolds Ate My Baby! (KAMB), their use of exclamation points, the BEER Engine, and the first edition of the Ninja Burger RPG. Aside from these product lines they have also developed both the Warhamster and Cthulhu for President role-playing games and numerous supliments for other systems.

Currently, 9th Level Games is transitioning out publishing to focus primarily on design. In December 2005 Dork Storm Press (DSP) released Kobolds Ate My Baby! Super Deluxx Edition, a game that was designed by 9LG and published by DSP. This edition features illustrations by John Kovalic, the creator of Dork Tower and Nodwick.

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